Do you have a green fridge?

No matter whether your fridge is the classic white, or something bold like red or black, is it a green fridge?  Is your fridge working well for your family’s needs?  The fridge could be the item in your house wasting the most of your hard-earned money.

Did you know that some studies have found that the UK is one of the most, if not the most, wasteful nation in Europe when it comes to food wastage?  If might sound surprising, but the European Commission on food waste estimates that the UK wastes about 14 million tonnes of food each year.  To put that into terms that are easier to imagine, it has been estimated that the average family may be wasting about 13% of the food and drink that they buy.  This is more or less the equivalent of throwing out all the food your family would have eaten in a full day, once per week.  The same study estimated that this is costing the average British family almost £550 per year.

So, what is the solution?  Here are five handy hints for keeping on top of the waste:

  • Check the date when you buy it. It might sound obvious, but if you know you will not be eating until later in the week, then make sure that when you buy the food it will last so that you do not find yourself throwing it away.
  • Organise the food in your fridge by types and by date. It is harder to forget you have something in an organised fridge.  Keep the meat on one shelf, the vegetables on another, etc.  By putting the food with the shortest use-by date at the front of the shelf, where you will see it, you are less likely to forget to eat it.  It also minimises the time you have the door open, which lets the cool air out.
  • Buy some storage boxes. By investing in some simple storage solutions, like airtight boxes that can go in the fridge, you can make leftovers last better.  Putting them in the fridge on an uncovered plate can make them look dry and unappetising, so they are more likely to end up in the bin.
  • Keep the fridge stocked. It might seem odd, but a fridge that is 2/3 full is more efficient at keeping cool than an empty fridge, as there is less air volume to cool.  Keep it well stocked, without blocking any vents, and it will keep a consistently cool temperature.
  • Make sure that there is space for air flow down the sides and back of the fridge, so that the motor doesn’t have to work too hard to keep cool.

Of course, sometimes the problem can be a fault, such as a damaged component or a loose seal.  In this case, it needs repairing so that your food does not go off quickly.  First Choice Appliance Repair provide reliable, affordable repairs for all makes and models of fridge. For more information, contact us using the details on the webpage.