Peterborough Appliance Repair Services


In the modern age, we reply so much on various appliances for everyday living, that if one breaks, it can be really difficult to deal with, disrupting your usual routine. Here at First Choice Appliance Repairs, we are able to come to the rescue, offering repairs in Peterborough for appliances such as washing machines, cookers, tumble driers, refrigerators or dishwashers. Whether they have become damaged or broken completely, our team specialises in fast, efficient, and effective appliance repairs in Peterborough, and will be able to lend a helping hand whatever the case.

At First Choice Appliance Repairs, we offer more than twenty years of experience in the industry. We are able to service virtually any brand washing machine, dryer, cooker, fridge, and more. Once you have given us a call to discuss your problem, we are able to offer a same-day call out service, arriving at your house as soon as possible, meaning less downtime and stress for you. We stock a wide range of tools and spare parts, which enables us to do our best to resolve the issue right there at then at your Peterborough home.

When you call us about your faulty appliance, we will arrive at your property so as to survey the situation. Following our inspection, we will be able to provide you with a quote for any necessary maintenance and repair work. We offer the fairest prices possible, and should you accept our quote, we will carry out the necessary job professionally and expertly. In the case of being unable to fix your machine, we would provide advice on the best route forward. Whatever the problem, will have a solution for any possible appliance repairs in Peterborough.

To find out more about what we could do for you as part of our appliance repair services, please contact us. We will be pleased to answer any queries you may have for us. Feel free to email us at, or alternatively, to speak to a member of staff directly, you may call us on 01733 590597. We look forward to being of service to any customers in Peterborough.